Who We Are

Meet Your Hosts Shane & Jen

We have been short term rental (Airbnb) hosts for years.  In our time as hosts, we have had nearly 2,000 stays at our properties.  All of the knowledge we’ve gained will be used to provide with you a memorable experience.  We also love to travel.  As a blended family of 6, we discovered how hard it is to travel conventionally.  With 2 adults and 4 growing teens, one hotel room just isn’t enough.  Eating out three meals a day isn’t an option either.  We don’t always need a house on the beach or a whole cabin for a week in Chattanooga.  Sometimes we are simply in need of a place to make dinner and rest our heads before getting back on the road.

The Landing Hub was built from the ground up, with a clear vision in mind.  We strived to create a place that was family friendly, but also accommodating for a solo traveler or a romantic weekend getaway.  We weren’t alone in this process.  Our investing partners and friends, Ken and Aimee Murer, saw our passion.  They also have a lifetime of travel experience with children and they quickly took to the idea of something new on the horizon for travelers.  With their help and the help of all the other friends that came to the rescue on those late nights of sanding, staining and building furniture — We can now share our vision with you.

Our love of family, adventure, saving money, and yes, pets are all the driving forces behind our dream.  We love our small town of Pacific.  We are looking forward to sharing our local secrets and our friends with travelers from all walks of life.  We hope to meet at some point during your stay.  It’s the feedback from travelers like you that has provided us with the roadmap for our journey.