Luxury Concord Room

2 Guests
1 queen Bedroom
Full bathroom
Jacuzzi in room
The Concord Room is the most luxurious, private space at the Landing Hub. This room is ideal for a romantic weekend getaway, bride & groom on their wedding night or a solo traveler looking to pamper themselves with a little extra space and the best amenities available.
  • 1 Queen bed in the room
  • Private shower, toilet and sink; Plus jacuzzi
  • Coffee station available in the room
  • Mini fridge in suite
  • USB Ports & Wifi
  • Stairs are required to access these suites
  • Dumbwaiter available for transport


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The Landing Hub

Captain One – 1st Floor

The Landing Hub Hotel in Pacific MO offers One Captain Room with some ADA-accessible features for 2 guests, a queen bedroom, a bathroom & more. Book 636-393-0778!

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