Pilot Rooms - 2nd Floor

2 Guests
1 queen Bedroom
shared showers
Toilet & Sink in room
The second floor Pilot Rooms offer a private sleeping area for couples or guests traveling solo that prefer their own space but are comfortable sharing some amenities. Great for groups of couples traveling together as well. Please contact us to discuss your options if you have a dog over 40lbs and plan to stay in a Pilot.
  • 1 Queen bed in the room
  • Toilet and sink in room
  • The Landing Hub has 4 second floor Pilot Rooms.  There are 2 private shower rooms nearby that are available to the guests of these 4 rooms.
  • USB Ports & Wifi
  • Stairs required to access these rooms
  • Dumbwaiter available for transport
  • Mini fridge in room


Depending on the capacity of the Landing Hub, we may ask that you use the shower room for showering and changing only.  There is ample space in the Pilot Room to get ready.


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The Landing Hub

Captain One – 1st Floor

The Landing Hub Hotel in Pacific MO offers One Captain Room with some ADA-accessible features for 2 guests, a queen bedroom, a bathroom & more. Book 636-393-0778!

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